Version: 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Windows Users Guide

This page guides how to set up environment on Windows for Apache Storm.

Starting at 1.0.0, Apache Storm utilizes symbolic link to aggregate log directory and resource directory into worker directory. Unfortunately, creating symbolic link on Windows needs non-default privilege, so users should configure it manually to make sure Storm processes can create symbolic link on runtime.

Below pages (MS technet) guide how to configure that policy to the account which Storm runs on.

One tricky point is, administrator group already has this privilege, but it's activated only process is run as administrator account. So if your account belongs to administrator group (and you don't want to change it), you may want to open command prompt with run as administrator and execute processes within that console. If you don't want to execute Storm processes directly (not on command prompt), please execute processes with runas /user:administrator to run as administrator account.