Class ClientBlobStore

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, Shutdownable
Direct Known Subclasses:
HdfsClientBlobStore, LocalModeClientBlobStore, NimbusBlobStore

public abstract class ClientBlobStore extends Object implements Shutdownable, AutoCloseable
The ClientBlobStore has two concrete implementations 1. NimbusBlobStore 2. HdfsClientBlobStore.

Create, update, read and delete are some of the basic operations defined by this interface. Each operation is validated for permissions against an user. We currently have NIMBUS_ADMINS and SUPERVISOR_ADMINS configuration. NIMBUS_ADMINS are given READ, WRITE and ADMIN access whereas the SUPERVISOR_ADMINS are given READ access in order to read and download the blobs form the nimbus.

The ACLs for the blob store are validated against whether the subject is a NIMBUS_ADMIN, SUPERVISOR_ADMIN or USER who has read, write or admin privileges in order to perform respective operations on the blob.

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