Class LocalFsBlobStore

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, Shutdownable

public class LocalFsBlobStore extends BlobStore
Provides a local file system backed blob store implementation for Nimbus.

For a local blob store the user and the supervisor use NimbusBlobStore Client API in order to talk to nimbus through thrift. The authentication and authorization here is based on the subject. We currently have NIMBUS_ADMINS and SUPERVISOR_ADMINS configuration. NIMBUS_ADMINS are given READ, WRITE and ADMIN access whereas the SUPERVISOR_ADMINS are given READ access in order to read and download the blobs form the nimbus.

The ACLs for the blob store are validated against whether the subject is a NIMBUS_ADMIN, SUPERVISOR_ADMIN or USER who has read, write or admin privileges in order to perform respective operations on the blob.

For local blob store 1. The USER interacts with nimbus to upload and access blobs through NimbusBlobStore Client API. 2. The USER sets the ACLs, and the blob access is validated against these ACLs. 3. The SUPERVISOR interacts with nimbus through the NimbusBlobStore Client API to download the blobs. The supervisors principal should match the set of users configured into SUPERVISOR_ADMINS. Here, the PrincipalToLocalPlugin takes care of mapping the principal to user name before the ACL validation.