Class BatchOutputCollector

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public abstract class BatchOutputCollector extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • BatchOutputCollector

      public BatchOutputCollector()
  • Method Details

    • emit

      public List<Integer> emit(List<Object> tuple)
      Emits a tuple to the default output stream.
    • emit

      public abstract List<Integer> emit(String streamId, List<Object> tuple)
    • emitDirect

      public void emitDirect(int taskId, List<Object> tuple)
      Emits a tuple to the specified task on the default output stream. This output stream must have been declared as a direct stream, and the specified task must use a direct grouping on this stream to receive the message.
    • emitDirect

      public abstract void emitDirect(int taskId, String streamId, List<Object> tuple)
    • flush

      public abstract void flush()
      Flush any buffered tuples (when batching is enabled).
    • reportError

      public abstract void reportError(Throwable error)