public class Timer extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • Timer

      public Timer(long delay, long period, TimeUnit timeUnit)
      Creates a class that mimics a single threaded timer that expires periodically. If a call to isExpiredResetOnTrue() occurs later than period since the timer was initiated or reset, this method returns true. Each time the method returns true the counter is reset. The timer starts with the specified time delay.
      delay - the initial delay before the timer starts
      period - the period between calls isExpiredResetOnTrue()
      timeUnit - the time unit of delay and period
  • Method Details

    • period

      public long period()
    • delay

      public long delay()
    • getTimeUnit

      public TimeUnit getTimeUnit()
    • isExpiredResetOnTrue

      public boolean isExpiredResetOnTrue()
      Checks if a call to this method occurs later than period since the timer was initiated or reset. If that is the case the method returns true, otherwise it returns false. Each time this method returns true, the counter is reset (re-initiated) and a new cycle will start.
      true if the time elapsed since the last call returning true is greater than period. Returns false otherwise.