Class HttpForwardingMetricsConsumer

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HttpForwardingMetricsConsumer extends Object implements IMetricsConsumer
Listens for all metrics and POSTs them serialized to a configured URL.

To use, add this to your topology's configuration: ```java conf.registerMetricsConsumer(HttpForwardingMetricsConsumer.class, "", 1); ```

The body of the post is data serialized using KryoValuesSerializer, with the data passed in as a list of `[TaskInfo, Collection<DataPoint>]`. More things may be appended to the end of the list in the future.

The values can be deserialized using the org.apache.storm.serialization.KryoValuesDeserializer, and a correct config + classpath.

@see org.apache.storm.serialization.KryoValuesSerializer