Interface IConnection

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Client, ConnectionWithStatus

public interface IConnection extends AutoCloseable
  • Method Details

    • sendLoadMetrics

      void sendLoadMetrics(Map<Integer,Double> taskToLoad)
      Send load metrics to all downstream connections.
      taskToLoad - a map from the task id to the load for that task.
    • sendBackPressureStatus

      void sendBackPressureStatus(BackPressureStatus bpStatus)
      Sends the back pressure metrics to all downstream connections.
    • send

      void send(Iterator<TaskMessage> msgs)
      send batch messages.
    • getLoad

      Map<Integer,Load> getLoad(Collection<Integer> tasks)
      Get the current load for the given tasks.
      tasks - the tasks to look for.
      a Load for each of the tasks it knows about.
    • getPort

      int getPort()
      Get the port for this connection.
      The port this connection is using
    • close

      void close()
      close this connection.
      Specified by:
      close in interface AutoCloseable