Class FilterOptions


public class FilterOptions extends Object
FilterOptions provides a method to select various filtering options for doing a scan of the metrics database.
  • Constructor Details

    • FilterOptions

      public FilterOptions()
  • Method Details

    • getTopologyId

      public String getTopologyId()
    • setTopologyId

      public void setTopologyId(String topoId)
    • getComponentId

      public String getComponentId()
    • setComponentId

      public void setComponentId(String component)
    • getStartTime

      public long getStartTime()
    • setStartTime

      public void setStartTime(Long time)
    • getEndTime

      public long getEndTime()
      Returns the end time if set, returns the current time otherwise.
    • setEndTime

      public void setEndTime(Long time)
    • getMetricName

      public String getMetricName()
    • setMetricName

      public void setMetricName(String name)
    • getExecutorId

      public String getExecutorId()
    • setExecutorId

      public void setExecutorId(String id)
    • getHostId

      public String getHostId()
    • setHostId

      public void setHostId(String id)
    • getPort

      public Integer getPort()
    • setPort

      public void setPort(Integer p)
    • getStreamId

      public String getStreamId()
    • setStreamId

      public void setStreamId(String id)
    • addAggLevel

      public void addAggLevel(AggLevel level)
      Add an aggregation level to search for.
    • getAggLevels

      public Set<AggLevel> getAggLevels()
      Get the aggregation levels to search for.
    • setAggLevels

      public void setAggLevels(Set<AggLevel> levels) throws MetricException
      Set the aggregation levels to search for.