Class WaitStrategyProgressive

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public class WaitStrategyProgressive extends Object implements IWaitStrategy
A Progressive Wait Strategy.

Has three levels of idling. Stays in each level for a configured number of iterations before entering the next level. Level 1 - No idling. Returns immediately. Stays in this level for `level1Count` iterations. Level 2 - Calls LockSupport.parkNanos(1). Stays in this level for `level2Count` iterations Level 3 - Calls Thread.sleep(). Stays in this level until wait situation changes.

The initial spin can be useful to prevent downstream bolt from repeatedly sleeping/parking when the upstream component is a bit relatively slower. Allows downstream bolt can enter deeper wait states only if the traffic to it appears to have reduced.

  • Constructor Details

    • WaitStrategyProgressive

      public WaitStrategyProgressive()
  • Method Details

    • prepare

      public void prepare(Map<String,Object> conf, IWaitStrategy.WaitSituation waitSituation)
      Specified by:
      prepare in interface IWaitStrategy
    • idle

      public int idle(int idleCounter) throws InterruptedException
      Description copied from interface: IWaitStrategy
      Implementations of this method should be thread-safe (preferably no side-effects and lock-free).

      Supports static or dynamic backoff. Dynamic backoff relies on idleCounter to estimate how long caller has been idling.

        int idleCounter = 0;
        int consumeCount = consumeFromQ();
        while (consumeCount==0) {
           idleCounter = strategy.idle(idleCounter);
           consumeCount = consumeFromQ();
      Specified by:
      idle in interface IWaitStrategy
      idleCounter - managed by the idle method until reset
      new counter value to be used on subsequent idle cycle