Interface RedisLookupMapper

All Superinterfaces:
RedisMapper, Serializable, TupleMapper
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public interface RedisLookupMapper extends TupleMapper, RedisMapper
RedisLookupMapper is for defining spec. which is used for querying value from Redis and converting response to tuple.
  • Method Details

    • toTuple

      List<Values> toTuple(ITuple input, Object value)
      Converts return value from Redis to a list of storm values that can be emitted.
      input - the input tuple.
      value - Redis query response value. Can be String, Boolean, Long regarding of data type.
      a List of storm values that can be emitted. Each item in list is emitted as an output tuple.
    • declareOutputFields

      void declareOutputFields(OutputFieldsDeclarer declarer)
      declare what are the fields that this code will output.
      declarer - OutputFieldsDeclarer