Interface ISupervisor

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public interface ISupervisor
  • Method Details

    • prepare

      void prepare(Map<String,Object> topoConf, String schedulerLocalDir)
    • getSupervisorId

      String getSupervisorId()
      The id used for writing metadata into ZK.
    • getAssignmentId

      String getAssignmentId()
      The id used in assignments. This combined with confirmAssigned decides what this supervisor is responsible for. The combination of this and getSupervisorId allows Nimbus to assign to a single machine and have multiple supervisors on that machine execute the assignment. This is important for achieving resource isolation.
    • getMetadata

      Object getMetadata()
    • confirmAssigned

      boolean confirmAssigned(int port)
    • killedWorker

      void killedWorker(int port)
    • assigned

      void assigned(Collection<Integer> ports)