Class DefaultSchedulingPriorityStrategy.SimulatedUser

Direct Known Subclasses:
FIFOSchedulingPriorityStrategy.FIFOSimulatedUser, GenericResourceAwareSchedulingPriorityStrategy.GrasSimulatedUser
Enclosing class:

protected static class DefaultSchedulingPriorityStrategy.SimulatedUser extends Object
  • Field Details

    • guaranteedCpu

      public final double guaranteedCpu
    • guaranteedMemory

      public final double guaranteedMemory
    • tds

      protected final LinkedList<TopologyDetails> tds
    • assignedCpu

      protected double assignedCpu
    • assignedMemory

      protected double assignedMemory
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getNextHighest

      public TopologyDetails getNextHighest()
    • simScheduleNextHighest

      public TopologyDetails simScheduleNextHighest()
    • getScore

      protected double getScore(double availableCpu, double availableMemory, TopologyDetails td)
      Get a score for the simulated user. This is used to sort the users, by their highest priority topology. The only requirement is that if the user is over their guarantees, or there are no available resources the returned score will be > 0. If they are under their guarantee it must be negative.
      availableCpu - available CPU on the cluster.
      availableMemory - available memory on the cluster.
      td - the topology we are looking at.
      the score.
    • getScore

      public double getScore(double availableCpu, double availableMemory)