Class WorkerTokenManager


public class WorkerTokenManager extends Object
The WorkerTokenManager manages the life cycle of worker tokens in nimbus.
  • Constructor Details

    • WorkerTokenManager

      public WorkerTokenManager(Map<String,Object> daemonConf, IStormClusterState state)
      Constructor. This assumes that state can store the tokens securely, and that they should be enabled at all. Please use ClientAuthUtils.areWorkerTokensEnabledServer to validate this first.
      daemonConf - the config for nimbus.
      state - the state used to store private keys.
  • Method Details

    • generateSecret

      protected SecretKey generateSecret()
      Generate a new random secret key.
      the new key
    • getCurrentSecret

      protected SecretKey getCurrentSecret()
      Get the secret that should be used to sign a token. This may either reuse a secret or generate a new one so any user should call this once and save the result.
      the key to use.
    • createOrUpdateTokenFor

      public WorkerToken createOrUpdateTokenFor(WorkerTokenServiceType serviceType, String user, String topologyId)
      Create or update an existing key.
      serviceType - the type of service to create a token for
      user - the user the token is for
      topologyId - the topology the token is for
      a newly generated token that should be good to start using form now until it expires.
    • upsertWorkerTokensInCredsForTopo

      public void upsertWorkerTokensInCredsForTopo(Map<String,String> creds, String user, String topologyId)
      Create or renew WorkerToken credentials for a topology.
      creds - the map of credentials for.
      user - the user the credentials are for
      topologyId - the topology the credentials are for
    • shouldRenewWorkerToken

      public boolean shouldRenewWorkerToken(Map<String,String> creds, WorkerTokenServiceType type)