Class KafkaDataSourcesProvider

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public class KafkaDataSourcesProvider extends Object implements DataSourcesProvider
Create a Kafka spout/sink based on the URI and properties. The URI has the format of kafka://topic?bootstrap-servers=ip:port[,ip:port]. The properties are in JSON format which specifies the producer config of the Kafka broker.
  • Constructor Details

    • KafkaDataSourcesProvider

      public KafkaDataSourcesProvider()
  • Method Details

    • scheme

      public String scheme()
      Description copied from interface: DataSourcesProvider
      Get the scheme of the data source.
      Specified by:
      scheme in interface DataSourcesProvider
      the scheme of the data source
    • constructStreams

      public ISqlStreamsDataSource constructStreams(URI uri, String inputFormatClass, String outputFormatClass, Properties properties, List<FieldInfo> fields)
      Description copied from interface: DataSourcesProvider
      Construct a new data source for streams mode.
      Specified by:
      constructStreams in interface DataSourcesProvider
      uri - The URI that specifies the data source. The format of the URI is fully customizable.
      inputFormatClass - the name of the class that deserializes data. It is null when unspecified.
      outputFormatClass - the name of the class that serializes data. It is null when unspecified.
      fields - The name of the fields and the schema of the table.