Class SocketDataSourcesProvider

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public class SocketDataSourcesProvider extends Object implements DataSourcesProvider
Create a Socket data source based on the URI and properties. The URI has the format of socket://[host]:[port]. Both of host and port are mandatory.

Note that it connects to given host and port, and receive the message if it's used for input source, and send the message if it's used for output data source.

  • Constructor Details

    • SocketDataSourcesProvider

      public SocketDataSourcesProvider()
  • Method Details

    • scheme

      public String scheme()
      Description copied from interface: DataSourcesProvider
      Get the scheme of the data source.
      Specified by:
      scheme in interface DataSourcesProvider
      the scheme of the data source
    • constructStreams

      public ISqlStreamsDataSource constructStreams(URI uri, String inputFormatClass, String outputFormatClass, Properties properties, List<FieldInfo> fields)
      Description copied from interface: DataSourcesProvider
      Construct a new data source for streams mode.
      Specified by:
      constructStreams in interface DataSourcesProvider
      uri - The URI that specifies the data source. The format of the URI is fully customizable.
      inputFormatClass - the name of the class that deserializes data. It is null when unspecified.
      outputFormatClass - the name of the class that serializes data. It is null when unspecified.
      fields - The name of the fields and the schema of the table.