Class StatefulWordCount


public class StatefulWordCount extends Object
A stateful word count that uses PairStream.updateStateByKey(StateUpdater) to save the counts in a key value state. This example uses Redis state store.

You should start a local redis instance before running the 'storm jar' command. By default the connection will be attempted at localhost:6379. The default RedisKeyValueStateProvider parameters can be overridden in conf/storm.yaml, for e.g.

 topology.state.provider.config: '{"keyClass":"...", "valueClass":"...",
  "keySerializerClass":"...", "valueSerializerClass":"...",
  "jedisPoolConfig":{"host":"localhost", "port":6379,
  "timeout":2000, "database":0, "password":"xyz"}}'
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    • StatefulWordCount

      public StatefulWordCount()
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