Interface ShellLogHandler

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public interface ShellLogHandler
Handle logging from non-JVM processes.
  • Method Details

    • setUpContext

      void setUpContext(Class<?> ownerCls, ShellProcess process, TopologyContext context)
      Called at least once before log(org.apache.storm.multilang.ShellMsg) for each spout and bolt. Allows implementing classes to save information about the current running context e.g. pid, thread, task.
      ownerCls - - the class which instantiated this ShellLogHandler.
      process - - the current ShellProcess.
      context - - the current TopologyContext.
    • log

      void log(ShellMsg msg)
      Called by spouts and bolts when they receive a 'log' command from a multilang process.
      msg - - the ShellMsg containing the message to log.