Class GenericResourceAwareSchedulingPriorityStrategy.GrasSimulatedUser

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protected static class GenericResourceAwareSchedulingPriorityStrategy.GrasSimulatedUser extends DefaultSchedulingPriorityStrategy.SimulatedUser
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    • guaranteedGenericResources

      public final Map<String,Double> guaranteedGenericResources
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    • simScheduleNextHighest

      public TopologyDetails simScheduleNextHighest()
      simScheduleNextHighest in class DefaultSchedulingPriorityStrategy.SimulatedUser
    • getScore

      protected double getScore(double availableCpu, double availableMemory, Map<String,Double> availableGenericResources, TopologyDetails td)
      Get a score for the simulated user. This is used to sort the users, by their highest priority topology. Only give user guarantees that will not exceed cluster capacity. Score of each resource type is calculated as: (Requested + Assigned - Guaranteed)/clusterAvailable The final score is a max over all resource types. Topology score will fall into the following intervals if: User is under quota (guarantee): [(-guarantee)/available : 0] User is over quota: (0, infinity) Unfortunately, score below 0 does not guarantee that the topology will be scheduled due to resources fragmentation.
      availableCpu - available CPU on the cluster.
      availableMemory - available memory on the cluster.
      availableGenericResources - available generic resources (other that cpu and memory) in cluster
      td - the topology we are looking at.
      the score.
    • getScore

      protected double getScore(double availableCpu, double availableMemory, Map<String,Double> availableGenericResources)