Class WorkerTokenClientCallbackHandler

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public class WorkerTokenClientCallbackHandler extends SimpleSaslClientCallbackHandler
A Client callback handler for a WorkerToken. In general a client that wants to support worker tokens should first check if a WorkerToken is available for the specific connection type by calling findWorkerTokenInSubject. If that returns a token, then proceed to create and use this with a DIGEST-MD5 SaslClient. If not you should fall back to whatever other client auth you want to do.
  • Constructor Details

    • WorkerTokenClientCallbackHandler

      public WorkerTokenClientCallbackHandler(WorkerToken token)
      token - the token to use to authenticate. This was probably retrieved by calling findWorkerTokenInSubject.
  • Method Details

    • findWorkerTokenInSubject

      public static WorkerToken findWorkerTokenInSubject(ThriftConnectionType type)
      Look in the current subject for a WorkerToken. This should really only happen when we are in a worker, because the tokens will not be placed in anything else.
      type - the type of connection we need a token for.
      the found token or null.