Interface Tuple

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ClojureTuple, TupleImpl

public interface Tuple extends ITuple
The tuple is the main data structure in Storm. A tuple is a named list of values, where each value can be any type. Tuples are dynamically typed -- the types of the fields do not need to be declared. Tuples have helper methods like getInteger and getString to get field values without having to cast the result.

Storm needs to know how to serialize all the values in a tuple. By default, Storm knows how to serialize the primitive types, strings, and byte arrays. If you want to use another type, you'll need to implement and register a serializer for that type.

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  • Method Details

    • getSourceGlobalStreamId

      GlobalStreamId getSourceGlobalStreamId()
      Returns the global stream id (component + stream) of this tuple.
    • getSourceComponent

      String getSourceComponent()
      Gets the id of the component that created this tuple.
    • getSourceTask

      int getSourceTask()
      Gets the id of the task that created this tuple.
    • getSourceStreamId

      String getSourceStreamId()
      Gets the id of the stream that this tuple was emitted to.
    • getMessageId

      MessageId getMessageId()
      Gets the message id that associated with this tuple.
    • getContext

      Gets the topology context associated with the tuple.