Class LoadMetricsServer.Measurements

Enclosing class:

public static class LoadMetricsServer.Measurements extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • Measurements

      public Measurements(long uptimeSecs, long acked, long timeWindow, long failed, org.HdrHistogram.Histogram histo, double userMs, double sysMs, double gcMs, long memBytes, Set<String> topologyIds, long workers, long executors, long hosts, Map<String,String> congested, long skippedMaxSpoutMs, double uiCompleteLatency)
      histo - latency histogram.
      userMs - user CPU in ms.
      sysMs - system CPU in ms.
      gcMs - GC CPU in ms.
    • Measurements

      public Measurements()
      Default Constructor.
  • Method Details

    • add

      public void add(LoadMetricsServer.Measurements other)
      Add other to this.
      other - meaurements to add in.
    • getLatencyAtPercentile

      public double getLatencyAtPercentile(double percential, TimeUnit unit)
    • getMinLatency

      public double getMinLatency(TimeUnit unit)
    • getMaxLatency

      public double getMaxLatency(TimeUnit unit)
    • getMeanLatency

      public double getMeanLatency(TimeUnit unit)
    • getLatencyStdDeviation

      public double getLatencyStdDeviation(TimeUnit unit)
    • getUiCompleteLatency

      public double getUiCompleteLatency(TimeUnit unit)
    • getUserTime

      public double getUserTime(TimeUnit unit)
    • getSysTime

      public double getSysTime(TimeUnit unit)
    • getGc

      public double getGc(TimeUnit unit)
    • getSkippedMaxSpout

      public double getSkippedMaxSpout(TimeUnit unit)
    • getMemMb

      public double getMemMb()
    • getUptimeSecs

      public long getUptimeSecs()
    • getCompleted

      public long getCompleted()
    • getCompletedPerSec

      public double getCompletedPerSec()
    • getAcked

      public long getAcked()
    • getAckedPerSec

      public double getAckedPerSec()
    • getFailed

      public long getFailed()
    • startTime

      public long startTime()
    • endTime

      public long endTime()
    • getTimeWindow

      public double getTimeWindow()
    • getTopologyIds

      public Set<String> getTopologyIds()
    • getWorkers

      public long getWorkers()
    • getHosts

      public long getHosts()
    • getExecutors

      public long getExecutors()
    • getCongested

      public Map<String,String> getCongested()