Class OutputStream

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public class OutputStream extends Object implements Serializable
A set of measurements about a stream so we can statistically reproduce it.
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  • Field Details

    • id

      public final String id
    • rate

      public final NormalDistStats rate
    • areKeysSkewed

      public final boolean areKeysSkewed
  • Constructor Details

    • OutputStream

      public OutputStream(String id, NormalDistStats rate, boolean areKeysSkewed)
      Create a new stream with stats.
      id - the id of the stream
      rate - the rate of tuples being emitted on this stream
      areKeysSkewed - true if keys are skewed else false. For skewed keys we only simulate it by using a gaussian distribution to the keys instead of an even distribution. Tere is no effort made right not to measure the skewness and reproduce it.
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