Interface IPartitionedTridentSpout.Emitter<PartitionsT,PartitionT extends ISpoutPartition,X>

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Enclosing interface:
IPartitionedTridentSpout<PartitionsT,PartitionT extends ISpoutPartition,T>

public static interface IPartitionedTridentSpout.Emitter<PartitionsT,PartitionT extends ISpoutPartition,X>
  • Method Details

    • getOrderedPartitions

      List<PartitionT> getOrderedPartitions(PartitionsT allPartitionInfo)
      Sorts given partition info to produce an ordered list of partitions.
      allPartitionInfo - The partition info for all partitions being processed by all spout tasks
      sorted list of partitions being processed by all the tasks. The ordering must be consistent for all tasks.
    • emitPartitionBatchNew

      X emitPartitionBatchNew(TransactionAttempt tx, TridentCollector collector, PartitionT partition, X lastPartitionMeta)
      Emit a batch of tuples for a partition/transaction that's never been emitted before. Return the metadata that can be used to reconstruct this partition/batch in the future.
    • refreshPartitions

      void refreshPartitions(List<PartitionT> partitionResponsibilities)
      This method is called when this task is responsible for a new set of partitions. Should be used to manage things like connections to brokers.
    • emitPartitionBatch

      void emitPartitionBatch(TransactionAttempt tx, TridentCollector collector, PartitionT partition, X partitionMeta)
      Emit a batch of tuples for a partition/transaction that has been emitted before, using the metadata created when it was first emitted.
    • getPartitionsForTask

      default List<PartitionT> getPartitionsForTask(int taskId, int numTasks, List<PartitionT> allPartitionInfoSorted)
      Get the partitions assigned to the given task.
      taskId - The id of the task
      numTasks - The number of tasks for the spout
      allPartitionInfoSorted - The partition info of all partitions being processed by all spout tasks, sorted according to getOrderedPartitions(java.lang.Object)
      The list of partitions that are to be processed by the task with taskId
    • close

      void close()