Class Tuple5<T1,T2,T3,T4,T5>

Type Parameters:
T1 - the type of the first element
T2 - the type of the second element
T3 - the type of the third element
T4 - the type of the fourth element
T5 - the type of the fifth element

public class Tuple5<T1,T2,T3,T4,T5> extends Object
A tuple of five elements along the lines of Scala's Tuple.
  • Field Details

    • value1

      public final T1 value1
    • value2

      public final T2 value2
    • value3

      public final T3 value3
    • value4

      public final T4 value4
    • value5

      public final T5 value5
  • Constructor Details

    • Tuple5

      public Tuple5(T1 value1, T2 value2, T3 value3, T4 value4, T5 value5)
      Constructs a new tuple.
      value1 - the first element
      value2 - the second element
      value3 - the third element
      value4 - the fourth element
      value5 - the fifth element
  • Method Details