Version: 2.6.0

Storm JMS Integration

About Storm JMS

Storm JMS is a generic framework for integrating JMS messaging within the Storm framework.

Storm-JMS allows you to inject data into Storm via a generic JMS spout, as well as consume data from Storm via a generic JMS bolt.

Both the JMS Spout and JMS Bolt are data agnostic. To use them, you provide a simple Java class that bridges the JMS and Storm APIs and encapsulates and domain-specific logic.


JMS Spout

The JMS Spout component allows for data published to a JMS topic or queue to be consumed by a Storm topology.

A JMS Spout connects to a JMS Destination (topic or queue), and emits Storm "Tuple" objects based on the content of the JMS message received.

JMS Bolt

The JMS Bolt component allows for data within a Storm topology to be published to a JMS destination (topic or queue).

A JMS Bolt connects to a JMS Destination, and publishes JMS Messages based on the Storm "Tuple" objects it receives.

Example Topology

Using Spring JMS