Apache Storm 0.10.0 released

Posted on Nov 5, 2015 by P. Taylor Goetz

The Apache Storm community is pleased to announce that version 0.10.0 Stable has been released and is available from the downloads page.

This release includes a number of improvements and bug fixes identified in the previous beta release. For a description of the new features included in the 0.10.0 release, please see the previous announcement of 0.10.0-beta1.


Special thanks are due to all those who have contributed to Apache Storm -- whether through direct code contributions, documentation, bug reports, or helping other users on the mailing lists. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Full Changelog

  • STORM-1108: Fix NPE in simulated time
  • STORM-1106: Netty should not limit attempts to reconnect
  • STORM-1099: Fix worker childopts as arraylist of strings
  • STORM-1096: Fix some issues with impersonation on the UI
  • STORM-912: Support SSL on Logviewer
  • STORM-1094: advance kafka offset when deserializer yields no object
  • STORM-1066: Specify current directory when supervisor launches a worker
  • STORM-1012: Shaded everything that was not already shaded
  • STORM-967: Shaded everything that was not already shaded
  • STORM-922: Shaded everything that was not already shaded
  • STORM-1042: Shaded everything that was not already shaded
  • STORM-1026: Adding external classpath elements does not work
  • STORM-1055: storm-jdbc README needs fixes and context
  • STORM-1044: Setting dop to zero does not raise an error
  • STORM-1050: Topologies with same name run on one cluster
  • STORM-1005: Supervisor do not get running workers after restart.
  • STORM-803: Cleanup travis-ci build and logs
  • STORM-1027: Use overflow buffer for emitting metrics
  • STORM-1024: log4j changes leaving ${sys:storm.log.dir} under STORM_HOME dir
  • STORM-944: storm-hive pom.xml has a dependency conflict with calcite
  • STORM-994: Connection leak between nimbus and supervisors
  • STORM-1001: Undefined STORM_EXT_CLASSPATH adds '::' to classpath of workers
  • STORM-977: Incorrect signal (-9) when as-user is true
  • STORM-843: [storm-redis] Add Javadoc to storm-redis
  • STORM-866: Use storm.log.dir instead of storm.home in log4j2 config
  • STORM-810: PartitionManager in storm-kafka should commit latest offset before close
  • STORM-928: Add sources->streams->fields map to Multi-Lang Handshake
  • STORM-945: element is not a policy,and should not be putted in the element.
  • STORM-857: create logs metadata dir when running securely
  • STORM-793: Made change to logviewer.clj in order to remove the invalid http 500 response
  • STORM-139: hashCode does not work for byte[]
  • STORM-860: UI: while topology is transitioned to killed, "Activate" button is enabled but not functioning
  • STORM-966: ConfigValidation.DoubleValidator doesn't really validate whether the type of the object is a double
  • STORM-742: Let ShellBolt treat all messages to update heartbeat
  • STORM-992: A bug in the timer.clj might cause unexpected delay to schedule new event