Apache Storm 2.4.0 Released

The Apache Storm community is pleased to announce that version 2.4.0 has been released and is available from the downloads page.

This release includes a number of code improvements and important bug fixes that improve Apache Storm's performance, stability and fault tolerance. We encourage users of previous versions to upgrade to this latest release.


Special thanks are due to all those who have contributed to Apache Storm -- whether through direct code contributions, documentation, bug reports, or helping other users on the mailing lists. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Changes in this Release - Storm 2.4.0

JIRA issues addressed in the 2.4.0 release of Storm. Documentation for this release is available at the Apache Storm project site.


  • [STORM-3799] - Logging user information for blob delete req
  • [STORM-3801] - newWorkerEvent doesn't report properly for multiple reporters
  • [STORM-3802] - Allow adding metrics reporters to all topologies
  • [STORM-3803] - Format large integers in Storm UI with commas for readability
  • [STORM-3804] - Don't allow deleting blobs if they are required for an active topology
  • [STORM-3807] - Topology Stats columns show NaN
  • [STORM-3815] - allow option to disable sending of __send-iconnection metrics
  • [STORM-3824] - upgrade httpclient due to security issues
  • [STORM-3828] - upgrade org/glassfish/javax.el due to build problems
  • [STORM-3829] - Remove log4j version 1 (1.2.17) from storm-core
  • [STORM-3831] - exclude all old log4j

Dependency upgrade

  • [STORM-3811] - Upgrade log4j version to 2.17.1
  • [STORM-3817] - Upgrading to Zookeeper 3.5.x, 3.6.x or 3.7.x
  • [STORM-3821] - use commons-compress 1.21 due to security issues