Apache Storm 1.0.3 Released

Posted on Feb 14, 2017 by P. Taylor Goetz

The Apache Storm community is pleased to announce that version 1.0.3 has been released and is available from the downloads page.

This is a maintenance release that includes a number of important bug fixes that improve Apache Storm's performance, stability and fault tolerance. We encourage users of previous versions to upgrade to this latest release.


Special thanks are due to all those who have contributed to Apache Storm -- whether through direct code contributions, documentation, bug reports, or helping other users on the mailing lists. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Full Changelog

  • STORM-2197: NimbusClient connectins leak due to leakage in ThriftClient
  • STORM-2321: Handle blobstore zk key deletion in KeySequenceNumber.
  • STORM-2324: Fix deployment failure if resources directory is missing in topology jar
  • STORM-2335: Fix broken Topology visualization with empty ':transferred' in executor stats
  • STORM-2336: Close Localizer and AsyncLocalizer when supervisor is shutting down
  • STORM-2338: Subprocess exception handling is broken in storm.py on Windows environment
  • STORM-2337: Broken documentation generation for storm-metrics-profiling-internal-actions.md and windows-users-guide.md
  • STORM-2325: Logviewer doesn't consider 'storm.local.hostname'
  • STORM-1742: More accurate 'complete latency'
  • STORM-2176: Workers do not shutdown cleanly and worker hooks don't run when a topology is killed
  • STORM-2293: hostname should only refer node's 'storm.local.hostname'
  • STORM-2246: Logviewer download link has urlencoding on part of the URL
  • STORM-1906: Window count/length of zero should be disallowed
  • STORM-1841: Address a few minor issues in windowing and doc
  • STORM-2268: Fix integration test for Travis CI build
  • STORM-2283: Fix DefaultStateHandler kryo multithreading issues
  • STORM-2264: OpaqueTridentKafkaSpout failing after STORM-2216
  • STORM-2276: Remove twitter4j usages due to license issue (JSON.org is catalog X)
  • STORM-2095: remove any remaining files when deleting blobstore directory
  • STORM-2222: Repeated NPEs thrown in nimbus if rebalance fails
  • STORM-2251: Integration test refers specific version of Storm which should be project version
  • STORM-2234: heartBeatExecutorService in shellSpout don't work well with deactivate
  • STORM-2216: Favor JSONValue.parseWithException
  • STORM-2208: HDFS State Throws FileNotFoundException in Azure Data Lake Store file system (adl://)
  • STORM-2213: ShellSpout has race condition when ShellSpout is being inactive longer than heartbeat timeout
  • STORM-2210: remove array shuffle from ShuffleGrouping
  • STORM-2052: Kafka Spout - New Client API - Performance Improvements
  • storm-2205: Racecondition in getting nimbus summaries while ZK connections are reconnected
  • STORM-2198: perform RotationAction when stopping HdfsBolt
  • STORM-2196: A typo in RAS_Node::consumeCPU
  • STORM-2189: RAS_Node::freeCPU outputs incorrect info
  • STORM-2184: Don't wakeup KafkaConsumer on shutdown
  • STORM-2185: Storm Supervisor doesn't delete directories properly sometimes
  • STORM-2175: fix double close of workers
  • STORM-2018: Supervisor V2
  • STORM-2145: Leave leader nimbus's hostname to log when trying to connect leader nimbus
  • STORM-2127: Storm-eventhubs should use latest amqp and eventhubs-client versions
  • STORM-2040: Fix bug on assert-can-serialize
  • STORM-2017: ShellBolt stops reporting task ids
  • STORM-2119: bug in log message printing to stdout
  • STORM-2120: Emit to _spoutConfig.outputStreamId
  • STORM-2101: fixes npe in compute-executors in nimbus
  • STORM-2090: Add integration test for storm windowing
  • STORM-2003: Make sure config contains TOPIC before get it
  • STORM-1567: in defaults.yaml 'topology.disable.loadaware' should be 'topology.disable.loadaware.messaging'
  • STORM-1987: Fix TridentKafkaWordCount arg handling in distributed mode.
  • STORM-1969: Modify HiveTopology to show usage of non-partition table.
  • STORM-1849: HDFSFileTopology should use the 3rd argument as topologyName
  • STORM-2086: use DefaultTopicSelector instead of creating a new one
  • STORM-2079: Unneccessary readStormConfig operation
  • STORM-2081: create external directory for storm-sql various data sources and move storm-sql-kafka to it
  • STORM-2070: Fix sigar native binary download link
  • STORM-2056: Bugs in logviewer
  • STORM-1646: Fix ExponentialBackoffMsgRetryManager test
  • STORM-2039: Backpressure refactoring in worker and executor
  • STORM-2064: Add storm name and function, access result and function to log-thrift-access
  • STORM-2063: Add thread name in worker logs
  • STORM-2042: Nimbus client connections not closed properly causing connection leaks
  • STORM-2032: removes warning in case more than one metrics tuple is received
  • STORM-1594: org.apache.storm.tuple.Fields can throw NPE if given invalid field in selector
  • STORM-1995: downloadChunk in nimbus.clj should close the input stream