Apache Storm 2.1.1 Released

The Apache Storm community is pleased to announce that version 2.1.1 has been released and is available from the downloads page.

This is a maintenance release that includes a number of important bug fixes that improve Apache Storm's performance, stability and fault tolerance. We encourage users of previous versions to upgrade to this latest release.


Special thanks are due to all those who have contributed to Apache Storm -- whether through direct code contributions, documentation, bug reports, or helping other users on the mailing lists. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Changes in this Release


  • [STORM-3581] - Change log level to info to show the config classes being used for validation


  • [STORM-2483] - wrong parameters order
  • [STORM-3511] - Nimbus logs got flood with TTransportException Error messages (because of thrift 0.12.0)
  • [STORM-3552] - Storm CLI set_log_level no longer updates the log level
  • [STORM-3567] - Topology UI page is showing total resources for each component if not scheduled
  • [STORM-3568] - Topology UI page "Change Log Level" should not allow empty logger name
  • [STORM-3577] - upload-credentials Breaks Topology in secure cluster
  • [STORM-3580] - Config overrides supplied using -c in storm.py not passed to all commands
  • [STORM-3598] - Storm UI visualization throws NullPointerException
  • [STORM-3602] - loadaware shuffle can overload local worker
  • [STORM-3606] - AutoTGT shouldn't invoke TGT renewal thread (from UserGroupInformation.loginUserFromSubject)
  • [STORM-3609] - ClassCastException when credentials are updated for ICredentialsListener spout/bolt instances
  • [STORM-3613] - storm.py should include lib-worker instead of lib directory in the classpath while submitting a topology
  • [STORM-3626] - storm-kafka-migration should pull in storm-client as "provided" dependency
  • [STORM-3629] - Logviewer should always allow admins to access logs
  • [STORM-3767] - NPE on getComponentPendingProfileActions


  • [STORM-3578] - ClientAuthUtils.insertWorkerTokens removes exiting and new WorkerToken altogether if they are equal
  • [STORM-3579] - Fix Kerberos connection from Worker to Nimbus/Supervisor
  • [STORM-3607] - Document the exceptions topologies will see from TGT renewal thread