Apache Storm 1.1.2 Released

The Apache Storm community is pleased to announce that version 1.1.2 has been released and is available from the downloads page.

This is a maintenance release that includes a number of important bug fixes that improve Apache Storm's performance, stability and fault tolerance. We encourage users of previous versions to upgrade to this latest release.

Apache Kafka Integration Improvements

This release includes many improvements to Apache Storm's Kafka integration that improve stability, ease configuration, and expose new features. More details can be found in the Kafka client documentation


Special thanks are due to all those who have contributed to Apache Storm -- whether through direct code contributions, documentation, bug reports, or helping other users on the mailing lists. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Changes in this Release


  • [STORM-2512] - Change KafkaSpoutConfig in storm-kafka-client to make it work with flux
  • [STORM-2616] - Document the built in metrics (just in time to replace them???)
  • [STORM-2657] - Update SECURITY.MD
  • [STORM-2663] - Backport STORM-2558 and deprecate storm.cmd on 1.x-branch
  • [STORM-2712] - accept arbitrary number of rows per tuple in storm-cassandra
  • [STORM-2775] - Improve KafkaPartition Metric Names
  • [STORM-2807] - Integration test should shut down topologies immediately after the test
  • [STORM-2862] - More flexible logging in multilang (Python, Ruby, JS)
  • [STORM-2877] - Introduce an option to configure pagination in Storm UI
  • [STORM-2917] - Check the config(nimbus.host) before using it to connect


  • [STORM-2231] - NULL in DisruptorQueue while multi-threaded ack
  • [STORM-2426] - First tuples fail after worker is respawn
  • [STORM-2500] - waitUntilReady in PacemakerClient cannot be invoked
  • [STORM-2525] - Fix flaky integration tests
  • [STORM-2535] - test-reset-timeout is flaky. Replace with a more reliable test.
  • [STORM-2541] - Manual partition assignment doesn't work
  • [STORM-2607] - [kafka-client] Consumer group every time with lag 1
  • [STORM-2642] - Storm-kafka-client spout cannot be serialized when using manual partition assignment
  • [STORM-2660] - The Nimbus storm-local directory is relative to the working directory of the shell executing "storm nimbus"
  • [STORM-2666] - Storm-kafka-client spout can sometimes emit messages that were already committed.
  • [STORM-2674] - NoNodeException when ZooKeeper tries to delete nodes
  • [STORM-2677] - consider all sampled tuples which took greater than 0 ms processing time
  • [STORM-2682] - Supervisor crashes with NullPointerException
  • [STORM-2690] - resurrect invocation of ISupervisor.assigned() & make Supervisor.launchDaemon() accessible
  • [STORM-2695] - BlobStore uncompress argument should be Boolean
  • [STORM-2705] - DRPCSpout sleeps twice when idle
  • [STORM-2706] - Nimbus stuck in exception and does not fail fast
  • [STORM-2724] - ExecutorService in WaterMarkEventGenerator never shutdown
  • [STORM-2736] - o.a.s.b.BlobStoreUtils [ERROR] Could not update the blob with key
  • [STORM-2750] - fix double_checked locking
  • [STORM-2751] - Remove AsyncLoggingContext from Supervisor
  • [STORM-2764] - HDFSBlobStore leaks file system objects
  • [STORM-2769] - Fast-fail if output stream Id is null
  • [STORM-2771] - Some tests are being run twice
  • [STORM-2779] - NPE on shutting down WindowedBoltExecutor
  • [STORM-2786] - Ackers leak tracking info on failure and lots of other cases.
  • [STORM-2810] - Storm-hdfs tests are leaking resources
  • [STORM-2811] - Nimbus may throw NPE if the same topology is killed multiple times, and the integration test kills the same topology multiple times
  • [STORM-2814] - Logviewer HTTP server should return 403 instead of 200 if the user is unauthorized
  • [STORM-2815] - UI HTTP server should return 403 if the user is unauthorized
  • [STORM-2833] - Cached Netty Connections can have different keys for the same thing.
  • [STORM-2853] - Deactivated topologies cause high cpu utilization
  • [STORM-2855] - Travis build doesn't work after update of Ubuntu image
  • [STORM-2856] - Make Storm build work on post 2017Q4 Travis Trusty image
  • [STORM-2868] - Address handling activate/deactivate in multilang module files
  • [STORM-2870] - FileBasedEventLogger leaks non-daemon ExecutorService which prevents process to be finished
  • [STORM-2876] - Some storm-hdfs tests fail with out of memory periodically
  • [STORM-2879] - Supervisor collapse continuously when there is a expired assignment for overdue storm
  • [STORM-2892] - Flux test fails to parse valid PATH environment variable
  • [STORM-2894] - fix some random typos in tests
  • [STORM-2912] - Tick tuple is being shared without resetting start time and incur side-effect to break metrics
  • [STORM-2918] - Upgrade Netty version
  • [STORM-2942] - Remove javadoc and source jars from toollib directory in binary distribution


  • [STORM-2874] - Minor style improvements to backpressure code